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Frequently asked questions

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapists have years of specialized education and training to provide services to you. Therapy is an investment into yourself and your future!

Not only is the fee paying for your session time, it also helps to pay for operating costs to allow for future sessions. 

How long does therapy take?

This is completely up to you! Whether you are needing support during a stressful circumstance in your life or would like to maintain a safe space for addressing emotional needs for many months to come. There is no one size fits all.

I am able to provide short-term, brief therapy as well as long-term sessions to assist your in maintaining your overall mental and emotional wellness.

Does therapy work?

You get out what you put in! Therapy can be immensely helpful, however it is only most often an hour out of your work. If you truly want to see change happen, you will need to put the tools and education gained in therapy into practice in your daily life.

What do you talk about?

This is your time, therefore we talk about what ever you need to talk about. You are in charge of your session.

Common themes of therapy may be related to emotions, coping with life stressors, increasing self-esteem, addressing past traumatic experiences, and learning strategies to participate in healthy relationships with others. 

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